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Trading innovation starts here! The worlds first decentralized P2P trading platform for Altcoin direct trading (including automated escrow services)!

The simple & secure way to buy & sell Altcoins!

MY CRYPTO TRADE [ MCT+ ] is an Altcoin trading platform that allows you to buy and sell Altcoins directly while skipping the need for Bitcoin.

How to get started

It’s as easy as it sounds!

01. Create a new account
Securely register on our trading platform within seconds.
02. Transfer some coins to the corresponding MCT+ platform wallet.
Take a look at the coins we support and transfer your coins to the corresponding MCT+ platform wallet. Wallet addresses will be shown in your account.
03. Start buying and selling crypto currencies
Now you are ready to get started – strike and find the best trade for you!

High Quality Work

After months of working together with the MCT+ community, we have developed a secure and intuitive platform for P2P Altcoin trading.

The integrated escrow service including private trade offers maximum speed, security and anonymity. Most trades are now instant with no need to wait for confirmations or pay network transaction fees.

MCT+ Facts

Satisfied users
Completed Trades
Listed Coins
Trading Fee

MCT+ Coin

Innovation presents an opportunity. Start your mining success story by mining MCT+.

Coin Details

Name: MCT+
Ticker: MCTP
Address Start Letter: M
Total Supply: 15.000.000
Block Time: 60 secs
Port: 9551

Block Reward (PoS):
Block 269,000 to 348,200 – 8 MCTP
Block 348,201 to 456,201 – 4 MCTP
Block 456,202 to 600,202 – 2 MCTP
Block 600,203 to 765,828 – 1 MCTP

MCT+ Staking Guide


Bug Bounty

If while using our trading platform you find any security issues or technical bugs please let us know. Send us a message and receive a minimum of 100 MCT as a thank you.

For the bug bounty we need following information from you:

Screenshot of the bug
A concise description of the bug so that we could reproduce it
Your MCT+ wallet address

*In case same bug was sent by several people, but with a noticeable time difference – first sender will get the reward — the amount depends on the bug.

Scam Bounty

If you see any suspicious coin behaviour, please report it to the MCT+ team and you will receive 25 MCT as a thank you for helping to make MCT+ a safer trading platform for all!

Examples for suspicious coin behaviour:

No more response for team
Website, Discord, … offline without a statement
Your MCT+ wallet address

*In case same scam report was sent by several people, but with a noticeable time difference – first sender will get the reward — the amount is 25 MCT.


Other Bounties

We came up with a unique kind of Bounty where we will be conducting and focusing on one or two time limited Bounties at a time plus some ongoing Bounties.

Airdrops / Bounties frequently on our Discord
Diff. Bounties: Social, Reddit, Content, Signature, Creative and many more
Release campaigns to our tools
Bounty Pool: 10 percent of total pre-mine which is 150000 MCT+

*For more details please visit our Bounty announcement on Bitcointalk or contact our Bounty campaign manager via Discord.


Listed coins

We Are The Pioneers Of P2P Altcoin Trading.

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