about us

we are currently a team of 2 with an idea which we have spoken about and intend to deliver on. not all projects wish to identify those working on it. that was case with the first, (Bitcoin) and we won’t be the last. whilst we appreciate you might want to know who we are that, brings no assurances. For example there have been projects where the teams have been forthcoming with full names, glossy photos and a track record but they have brought no assurances.

the team may wish to identify themselves at a later date but none are forced to do so. it’s unfortunate that many scam coins hide behind this given right of privacy and ruin it for others like us who intend to deliver what we say. 

we have many helpers which are more than just nameless people for us — special thanks to:

Aerocloud [Mod & DEV advisor]

Codect [Mod]

LimpDisc [Mod]

Ssiver [Mod]

Tax79 [Mod]

and thanks to our regulars and our great community who has always supported us!

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