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Add a coin & listing fees

To list a coin on MCT+ trading platform please choose a listing, check the listing requirements and contact us via contact form or contact Andrew or Simon directly via Discord.

Listing Fees

Listing fees have to be paid in full prior to listing. Once payment has been received the countdown to listing will begin.

Voting 10-14 Days
Voted by community
Must win the vote to get listed
Listed within three days after vote
You make: Voting announcement
You make: Listing announcement
10-14 Days
1000 MCT
Listing time: ~ 2 weeks
Will be ranked in queue
Time depends on ranking
Standard position
Withing 72 Hours
3000 MCT
Response within 24 hours
Listed within 72 hours
Standard position
Withing 12 Hours
7000 MCT
Response asap
Listed within 12 hours
Prime position on Platform

Listing Requirements

All coins must adhere to the listing requirements at all times.

We need the following information to list your coin.

  • Which coin are you forked from (Dash, Quark,…)
  • Which listing do you want
  • Coin name
  • Coin ticker
  • Link to Bitcointalk ANN
  • Link to Explorer
  • Link to Github
  • PORT
  • Link to website
  • Link to roadmap
  • Link to Whitepaper
  • Link to logo (png)
  • Do you have a LINUX wallet? yes / no [If not, extra costs 1000 MCT for listing]
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